January 7, 2018

Baptism of Jesus

A word about today's feast of the Baptism of the Lord: At family Mass today, I was struck by a phrase in the Gospel. It says that God (voice from [...]
November 25, 2016

Sister gives lessons

Once again I was able to prepare two young people from the Children's Village for their baptism. That's great! Our Children's Villages are Catholic and so is our life [...].
February 13, 2015

Just ask... about infant baptism!

Ask the sister, part 9: Is it true that baby baptism is not valid, thus not according to God, because it is not biblical? Ui, that [...]
January 10, 2015

Just ask... about the baptism of the Lord!

"Ask the Sister," Part 4: What does "Baptism of the Lord" actually mean? This question came up in connection with our talk about the end of the Christmas season [...]