December 23 2017

Dominican Advent 23

Only then is man's will immune to sin when his mind is immune to ignorance and error. Thomas Aquinas Summa contra Gentiles [...]
December 21, 2017

Dominican Advent 21

God is honored by silence, not because we could say nothing of Him, or know nothing, but because we realize that we are far from [...]
December 16, 2017

Dominican Advent 16

Give me, my Lord and God, understanding that knows you; zeal that seeks you; wisdom that finds you; company that pleases you; perseverance that confidently looks [...]
December 14, 2017

Dominican Advent 14

To become light for others is more important than to be in the light oneself; therefore it is also true that it is more to pass on what is received in contemplation [...].
December 12, 2017

Dominican Advent 12

All that I have written is as straw compared to the seen truth of God. Thomas Aquinas quoted from: Gerfried Bramlage, Dominican Directions, Cologne 1993, [...].
December 1, 2017

Dominican Advent 1

Also in our blog the first door of the Advent calendar opens today - although Advent actually begins on Sunday. 24 quotes from Dominican sisters and [...]
July 10, 2015

Oh, Thomas!

From now on, I will speak only in short main sentences. I will avoid foreign words and difficult sentence positions. My texts will have a maximum of three sentences. Well, maybe [...]