May 26, 2022

More dead than alive?

The motto of the Katholikentag is "Sharing life" - but many people today experience the church as dead rather than alive. This gave us the idea of sharing our [...]
April 20, 2019

Day 40: Rest in the grave

On Good Friday and Holy Saturday the church is changed, somehow incomplete: the holy water basins are empty, the tabernacle is open and empty. So we don't do genuflection and [...].
April 19, 2019

Day 39: He's dead!

I used to dislike Good Friday. A holiday on which you can't do everything - stupid! Only in the Order did I get to know how intensively one [...]
April 18, 2019

Day 38: Mourning

Today, in our Order, the traditional Funeral Masses begin. We sing them in the morning instead of Lauds, and they last almost an hour. When I was a new [...]
April 13, 2019

Day 34: one for all

Caiaphas said to the high council, "It is better for you if one man dies for the people than if the whole nation perishes." cf. [...].
October 31, 2018

Halloween? Hallooo???

Today I had once again to hold a school service. Third and fourth grade of a Catholic school, the big ones I already know from last year, partly also [...]
June 29, 2018

Reconciled with death?

A day all about "death and dying". More info:
June 18, 2018

Sister becomes a specialist

"Are you in?" I like the colleague, she has helped me many times, and it's about an important event of the Children's Village. Of course I'm in. [...]
August 31, 2017

What if death comes?

We want to start our series of events on the topic of death, dying and farewell in a creative and contemplative way. What does death mean for me? For the way I live? What [...]