August 11, 2020

Dream car

No, this contribution will not be great. It will be a tiny little article without any theological-philosophical-world-political-intellectual claim. If you can't have something like that, it's best to click on. I [...]
August 6, 2018

Lice and the Kingdom of God

At the moment I am on vacation on the balcony. It is a beautiful, although little used balcony. Its special charm is made by a lushly sprawling and currently lavishly [...]
July 31, 2018


Vacation is... ... walking barefoot ... watching the bumblebees at work ... drinking homemade iced tea ... sleeping when you want ... praying how you want [...]
July 29, 2017

Sister has vacations

During the vacations, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it's important to me to do something. Then again, it's more important to me to do something [...]
June 27, 2017

Sister reminisces

The vacation flies by much too fast. Actually, I wanted to write a lot, but as it usually happens to me on vacation: I take many things [...]
June 23, 2017

Sister has vacation

Ui, I don't know how long I haven't flown! Possibly my last flight was my transfer from Latvia to Germany. Anyway, I knew [...]
August 27, 2016

The burkini - or the right to dress

No, it's not just about a piece of cloth. When police officers on the beaches in France check whether the women are also naked enough, it's [...]
July 15, 2016

Have a great vacation!

Others can't get far enough away on vacation. I prefer to visit my father and book on Balkonia.The program is rich: reading, drink an iced tea with it. [...]
July 11, 2016

Have a nice vacation!

Vacations in the Children's Village: Packing the Bullis. Going to the sea - or to the farm. Staying at home. Playing, swimming, eating ice cream. Riding a raft, a kettle car and a bicycle. Having fun, [...]