February 3, 2023
General Management

The new general management

Today was the election of the new general management. It went faster than expected, I can tell you that much. And that's not because we don't have a choice [...].
September 15, 2017

Sister has the choice

Finally: my election documents have arrived! Due to my move, I can't go to the polling station normally for the Bundestag election, but I had to apply for absentee voting. Postal voting is now [...]
May 12, 2017

Sister has the choice

So, do you know what you're voting for yet? Will you end up being a loyal it-can-only-give-one-party voter? Or do you only make up your mind in the voting booth? Do you vote by faces, [...]
March 29, 2017

You have the choice

Cem Özdemir of the Green Party is campaigning on Facebook against Erdogan's referendum. Bilingual: German and Turkish. The clip is (of course) professionally made and is about democracy, [...]
February 12, 2017

General Chapter: Sister continues to vote

Actually, everyone had said that we would need the whole day for the election of the General Council. That's why we moved the Mass forward and in the afternoon we [...].
February 11, 2017

General Chapter: sister elects

This morning at Mass we sang a lot of songs to the Holy Spirit, because afterwards there was the election of the new Prioress General. That was then [...]
February 10, 2017

General Chapter: Sister in fishpool

Today had two very different parts: in the morning we heard the account of the old Prioress General (where "old" does not refer to the years, she [...]
September 16, 2016

Polling station in the children's village

Finally, the time has come: the election of the new Children's Village Council is underway. All children and young people from the first grade are called to the polls. Elected are [...]
September 15, 2016

Absentee ballot

Just now, for the first time in my life, I finished absentee ballots. Yes, we take our elections seriously at the Children's Village, so seriously that children and young people, [...]