March 15, 2020

Corona: a virus sucks!

To be honest, the Corona virus is starting to get on my nerves. In the meantime it has become omnipresent, so to speak, and even when I'm busy with completely different things, it suddenly pushes [...]
August 19, 2019

Change of perspective

The other day I told you in this place that some people are always whining. Afterwards, I noticed that it sounded quite whiny. That's exactly what a [...]
August 17, 2019

Do not fret, just wonder!

Warning: this is not a scene from Loriot but actually happened. This summer. Where does not matter. That's why the names are fictitious. It rains [...]
February 18, 2016

I need... water

The human body consists of 60-70% water, depending on age. At birth, we even consist of almost unbelievable 80% water! Constantly [...]