October 26, 2018

From indulgences to celibacy...

For some time now, a book has been with me for review: "Von Ablasshandel bis Zölibat - Das "Sündenregister" der katholischen Kirche" by Josef Bordat. I have it [...]
March 10, 2018

In the morning at six...

Poff! Poff! Poff! It thunders at my door. "Sr. Barbara?" I grope in the dark for my glasses and watch. Poff! Poff! Poff! "Sr. Barbara?" Now [...]
July 24 2015

Priest shortage

Celibacy verse, part 5 "Without celibacy, we would have enough priests!" This argument comes up again and again, and - admittedly - the assumption is obvious. If the general conditions [...]
July 21, 2015

For heaven's sake!

... or celibate part 4 In three articles, I have tried to address various arguments that are repeatedly put forward against celibacy. But what thereby [...]
July 17, 2015

Who invented it?

...or celibacy verse, part 3: Yes, who actually invented celibacy? Not Jesus, that's for sure! This is one of the most popular arguments against this way of life, and in the [...]
July 16, 2015

Voluntarily? Well...

  ... or celibacy verse part 2: Yesterday I wrote about loneliness and about the fact that I have chosen celibacy voluntarily. The following [...]
July 15 2015

About relationships and loneliness...

... or celibacy verse part 1 Recently Matthias Fritz wrote in the blog "raumrauschen" about the loneliness that sometimes attacks him as a priest in a flash. I found [...]