April 12, 2016

Just ask ... about interreligious dialogue!

Ask the sister, part 24: "For me there is only one God. Then why should everyone insist on his and not tell other people [...].
January 26, 2016

Just ask... about the natural sciences!

Ask the Sister, Part 21: Can the Church's teaching keep pace with the natural sciences and remain up-to-date? The origin of this question is clear: while [...]
October 20, 2015


"We need to go back to tradition - to the teachings of the Church before the Second Vatican Council!" So wrote a woman indignantly in a facebook discussion. There seemed to be a [...]
January 16, 2015

Catholics and Muslims

Enough! I mean: it really is enough. Before someone accuses me of being naive again: Yes, I was aware of what happened in Paris. And in [...]
January 13, 2015

Just ask... after the council!

Today's question ("Ask the sister", part 5) comes from a young woman, concerns one of my favorite topics and is a real challenge for me: [...]