January 30, 2023

The chapter is opened

Each of our chapters opens with a worship service. That is why we also say: we "celebrate" a chapter. At the General Chapter, we have a whole day of reflection beforehand. Come [...]
February 28, 2021

AfD speech

What have I done? Last week I ranted, or let's say mused, about the "left mainstream". Promptly it hailed from all sides indignation! [...]
October 10, 2019

Autumn day

What comes next is not original, but once a year it must be, I just love this poem! Sister quotes Rainer Maria Rilke: Autumn day Lord, it [...]
November 16, 2018

Have a nice weekend!

I collect my purchases from the conveyor belt, accept the change and the receipt. The cashier smiles kindly at me, "Have a nice weekend!" I smile back: "Thank you, you [...]
December 7, 2017

Dominican Advent 7

Use the time, because the time does not wait for you! Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church, Patroness of Europe quoted from Fr. Gerfried Bramlage: "Dominikanische Wegbegleitung", 1993
July 29, 2017

Sister has vacations

During the vacations, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it's important to me to do something. Then again, it's more important to me to do something [...]
December 27, 2016

Between the years

Actually, I wanted to write here a small contemplative treatise about the time "between the years", but I changed my mind. A short first research [...]
December 15, 2016

Advent tour with tinsel

"There used to be more tinsel!" I love this exclamation repeated several times by Grandpa in Loriot's wonderful Christmas persiflage "Christmas at Hoppenstedt's." "There used to be more tinsel!" On the one hand, that's [...]
December 6, 2016

Advent tour - slowed down

One of our cars is an old Golf. I love this Töff-Töff, nice and edgy, pulls well, you know what you have. The other day I wanted to go on a [...]