General Chapter: Sister continues to vote
February 12, 2017
General Chapter: Sister speaks
February 14, 2017

Yesterday evening we still have the new General Administration was celebrated (the picture shows how Sr. Martha spoiled us), but now enough with the elections : today we started with the factual work.

First of all, several sisters from different German houses came again, because it was about a topic that we want to discuss on as broad a basis as possible: our apostolate.

By this we mean what we do, how we work. In the pastoral care of prisons, in the children's villages, with women in need and in other ways. We have said and thought a lot about this today, and it was good that so many were able to speak.

But now we capitulars are back among ourselves and try to put what we have heard into resolutions.

That reminds me: I still have to read the protocols, which will be voted on tomorrow morning. In this sense: I'll be in the reading room...

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