General Chapter: Sister hears
February 13, 2017
General Chapter: Sister discusses
February 15, 2017

Whew! Today is a busy day: the General Council met for the first time during the lunch break, and the editorial team is about to meet. There we will revise some texts of the new Constitutions and formulate the first draft resolutions that we have advanced today.

In between, our heads were spinning, so it was incredibly beneficial that instead of Vespers we had half an hour of Adoration: finally silence and rest with the Lord!

In the chapel grows our red carpet, which we use for the Roll out people to whom we are sent: Mercy and Justice was first on it. Yesterday, "You are called" was added, because it was the memorial day of Jordan of Saxony, the great Dominican preacher and novice master.

Today is the commemoration day of the European patrons Cyril and Methodius. And besides, we have a little bit also thought of the rather commercialized Saint Valentine, with little hearts. After all, having a heart is never wrong.

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  1. Sr.Wilma Schür says:

    keep up the good work. God's blessing

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