September 2, 2022
Money worries because of coffee-to-go?

Money worries

This morning on the radio, a student was asked about her money worries. Everything is getting more expensive, and the state only partially compensates. Some groups of the population are affected [...]
April 16, 2019

Day 36: Thoughts

In those days, the disciples had forgotten to take bread with them when they left. This is how practical things can sometimes be in the Gospel! But Jesus warned them: Beware [...]
April 13, 2017

Maundy Thursday

Last Supper This is my body This is my blood Love one another! Judas leaves - for 30 pieces of silver Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane Stay and watch with [...]
March 22, 2016


Today the Gospel tells of Jesus' last supper with his friends. The evangelist John, in his 13th chapter, describes how Jesus says that one of his friends will [...]
February 19, 2016

I need... Bread

Of all the staple foods, bread is my favorite. In many cultures it has an important place (not in Asia, but almost everywhere else in the world). [...]