April 15, 2022
Good Friday in the family service

Good Friday elementary

This year I celebrated Good Friday again twice: at 11:00 with children and at 15:00 classic. In direct comparison it becomes abundantly clear to me why [...]
December 18, 2021

December 18: Impatience

In our parish church, all four candles were already lit in the second week of Advent. I suspect that this happened at the family Mass, when the children light [...]
December 11, 2021

December 11: carol singers

Today is the pre-meeting of the carol singers in our parish. Hopefully, in January we can really ring the doors, walk in costumes and also in the parish center [...]
February 21, 2021


Behind our houses the snowdrops are blooming - and every year, when the time comes, I have to think of Sr. Wendeline. Because our snowdrops bloom in large [...]
September 25, 2020


Yesterday I asked a fellow sister, "Can I read you my First Communion catechesis for a minute? I just finished." She agreed, and I got started, still [...]
September 7, 2020


The other day I was on foot in the Habit. Promptly happened what then happens more often: I was approached. I had to stop briefly to look for something in my bag [...]
March 12, 2020

School service in hard times

Yesterday and today I had again school service with the third and fourth grade. This time I discussed with the children the story of Zacchaeus: the [...]
May 4, 2019

Head of the Church

This week really happened: The family of our First Communion child, Peter (name changed), is playing a knowledge quiz at home. Question: "Who is the head of the Catholic Church?" Peter: "God." [...]
April 8, 2019

Day 29: Sin

Yesterday was Family Mass in the parish, with a special invitation to "my" communion children. I had the catechesis and the choice between two Gospels: "The raising of Lazarus" [...]