March 30, 2020

Corona: the virus still sucks

Today I had a conversation with someone about my article "A virus sucks". I was a bit embarrassed, because my interlocutor rightly said that [...]
February 21, 2020

"Command one: laugh!"

No question: Carnival is a controversial topic. While some people train all year long and/or eagerly await 11.11. when it finally starts again, others make [...]
December 24 2019

Christmas sentimental

Christmas is the time for sentimental feelings. I have the great fortune that I can celebrate the feast in a community. I am not alone, [...]
November 14, 2019

social media overkill

Yesterday I was asked in the messenger if everything was okay. One hears nothing more from me. Well, admittedly, at the moment I save [...]
August 9, 2019

For heaven's sake: Media?

"Will you watch 'For the Love of God' with us? After having it live all day, now we need the screen version!" So moaned one of our novices once. [...]
March 23, 2016


At carnival, some people say they can't be funny on command. It's probably the same with grief: it can't be prescribed. As [...]
December 24 2015

Your light comes - Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas. Well, this morning is of course still a lot to do and prepare. But tonight... In the past, they gave presents on the first holiday. There [...]